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The form below is split into 4 distinct steps. You may go backward at any time in the form.
Once you complete the form, click SUBMIT and you will be redirected to the PAYMENT page.


  • You may register NOW for only a $200 deposit (refundable) until the Early Bird deadline occurs on June 1, 2022. Deposits are required for all Mixed, Women's, and Junior teams, but not Specialty Divisions. The $200 deposit is fully refundable until May 31, 2022, after which standard refund policies apply.
  • You can opt to just pay the deposit for each mixed, women's or junior team OR pay the full Early Bird price.
  • The Early Bird discount is $50 per team.
  • Local teams that donated money to DragonSports in 2021 are entitled to a discount for ONE registration equal to 10% of the total amount donated, in addition to the early bird discount. You have an option to accept the discount or donate it to DragonSports. We hard-coded the discount amounts into the Payment form for your convenience (just select your team name). 
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  • Race Divisions
  • Team Names
  • Visiting/Local
  • Payment Options
  • Payment

Note: If you don't have your Bio or team image ready yet, you can leave these fields blank. We'll send you a link later where you can add this information. (If you're a DragonSports team, you can always copy/paste your bio from

General Divisions

Specialty Divisions

These are optional and subject to interest. The fee is USD $100.00 for EACH extra specialty team you register. Fees will be fully refunded if the divisions are not run. With the celebration of 25 years of paddling for Pink Phoenix, there will NOT be any charge for breast cancer survivor teams wishing to participate in this special race (you must register a team for the Women's division). 

Team Names

Host / Visiting Teams

NOTE: You may elect to pay only a $200 deposit for each Mixed, Women's and Junior division teams and defer full payment for all teams. There is no deposit required for Specialty Division teams. We will invoice you later for the total amount due prior to the early bird deadline.


You are entitled to an early bird discount (if paid before June 1, 2022) of $50 per registered team (not including the Specialty Division). 

The Golden Dragons are entitled ONE free race registration for donating more than $10,000 to DragonSports in 2021. Mighty Women are entitled to ONE free race registration for having donated more than $1,000 and for winning the drawing at our annual meeting.

Teams that donated any amount of money to DragonSports in 2021 are entitled to 10% (of their total donation) off the entry fee for ONE team in addition to the early bird discount of $50. 


Deposit per team registered: $200.00

Note: The "total number" field will be fixed to the SUM of mixed, women's and junior teams you entered on the second page of this form. Click the "Back" button to return to those fields if the number of teams you entered is incorrect. Clicking "Back" will not lose any information you'd previously entered. 

Price (one team): $0.00
Price (one team): $1,100.00
Price (one team): $811.50
Price (one team): $861.00
Price (one team): $947.50
Price (one team): $989.90
Price (one team): $0.00
Price (one team): $1,000.00
Price (one team): $1,000.00
Price (one team): $1,004.00
Price (one team): $1,067.50
Price (one team): $1,067.50
Price (one team): $1,082.50
Price per team: $1,150.00
Price per team: $1,150.00
Price per team: $1,150.00
Price per team: $950.00
Price per team: $450.00
Price per team: $100.00
No payment items has been selected yet

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